Is There A Lot Happening, or What? (article links)

I am going to start with the uplifting articles I found first:

1. People in Virginia can now sue for wrongful deaths of a fetus–the fetus and others connected to the fetus starting to get the recognition of due importance.

2. Just recently, six Episcopalian clergymen became ordained Roman Catholic priests. While many outspoken Catholics are promoting a false Christianity (see article 15), other Catholics are coming home because they realize what the Catholic Church truly teaches, and they are excited about it! I think I have said this before, but I will say it again: Many Protestants are living the Catholic faith better than many American Catholics who continue to go to the church building but have yet to begin living the faith. Not only that, when my Protestant brothers and sisters hear the call to rejoin the Catholic Church, most of them end up being far better Catholics, on fire with the Holy Spirit and actually living the faith authentically.

3. Here is the blogofacourtier’s reflections on Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the hemorrhage, two of my favorite readings in the Bible. He also gives a link to the daily Scripture readings that are used in the Catholic Church (under the link USCCB).

4. Apparently Brad Pitt’s mom is speaking out against abortion.

5. Archbishop Chaput gives an awesome homily on religious freedom–part of religious freedom is being able to see the difference between good and evil.

6. Some words of wisdom from Confucius on politics.

7. The saintlysages blog reminds us of why God troubles us–an excellent post on the Christian vision of suffering, not as a Stoic with no feelings but with a struggling patience, so to speak.

8. And Desperion’s reminder that heading home is for the homeless–a reminder that we are heading for Heaven, not there yet.

9. I thought this was an interesting article on women in ministry from Knight’s Miscellany. I asked on one of his blogs, not sure if it was this one, if the writer of the book had considered the female Catholic Saints, but he said that the author just spoke to the women in Scripture. My only hope is that this doesn’t head toward saying that women should be priests/pastors. Women have plenty of other wonderful jobs to do than worry about taking on a job that is given to men.

10. Does that mean that I think that women should not be in leadership positions? Here is a woman who has done a tremendous job in being poised and compassionate with the Waldo Canyon Fire (a) situation. Her name is Jerri Mar (b). And many of our female Catholic Saints were bold leaders (Joan of Arc, Catherine of Siena, Edith Stein, Bridget of Sweden, Mother Teresa, to name a few, see “Authentic Femininity, Lived” tab on top), but they didn’t lead by becoming something they were not.

And it is okay to cry (11) over the next few articles:

12. Peace and Freedom gives his take on the trends of our American Democracy. Why are some countries heading toward our ideals why we are giving them up?

13. Women in the Middle East want love from their men, not abuse. Now this article can be taken a couple of ways. Promoters of secularism would say this is why we need to get rid of religion. But I think this is what happens when a government tells you what marriage should mean according to a sad vision of marriage (a marriage that is not a husband loving his wife and a wife not respecting her husband). It is not religion that speaks but a bent vision that speaks. If you believe that secularism has its own vision of marriage, then you might see that the secular vision is enforcing their saddened vision of marriage onto us. Just as a religion can try to enforce their own idea of marriage, so also can secularism. For more of my thoughts on this, see What is Religion? and other posts run this week by yours truly. Also on the marriage issue, husbands in the U.S. who stay at home with the kids (14) end up making money on the side in addition to caring for the children while stay-at-home moms still continue to be downgraded for doing the same thing.

15. This is an article that gave me a lot of aggravation for having brothers and sisters promote their own ideas rather than even trying to live the faith. This was by far the MOST FRUSTRATING article I read all week! It just reminds me of Jesus’ words to the rich. It reminds me to pray for those who have money because they can lose more souls forever by taking advantage of those in desperate situations, seducing them with basic need relief in order to promote their own faulted vision of freedom. It reminds me of the vast difference between true missionary work, as in Mother Teresa, and false missionary zeal that puts faith in money to solve problems. True love for humanity has true concern for the well-being of their spirit and soul in addition to the body. True freedom knows the difference between good and evil (see article 5). Not only does the article suggest that poor women are complete idiots (Natural Family Planning is FREE! ladies and helps yours and his personality mature), it suggests that many Catholics believe that contraception is good, therefore it must be good. When it speaks of “many” Catholics, it is speaking of only American Catholics, which make up a tremendously small number of Catholics in the world. Besides that, even if the majority vote said that something is right, it still CANNOT make it right.

My analogy for this faulted sort of reasoning about contraception: Let’s say that a teacher was teaching the phenomenon of prime numbers. They are natural numbers that can only be divided by 1 and themselves to create yet another whole number.  That is just how it is. Now let’s say a student says, “I think that prime numbers should be able to divided by anything they want and still be able to retain their wholeness.” The student feeling so brilliant about her vision of prime numbers decides that she will make people believe that her vision is a good vision and will give people resources so that she can promote her vision of prime numbers. “Who cares if every time you try to divide that prime number by something else, it comes out in pieces rather than wholes? We have to keep trying…”

Needless to say there is a vast difference between the end-goals of obstinacy versus perseverance in doing good.

Final thoughts:

If you have not yet lived your faith, you have not learned it.

If you don’t like what your faith teaches, then struggle to learn why it teaches what it teaches. Be authentic. Otherwise your faith is vain, superficial, a lie, and you might just being losing souls in the process of promoting your own confusion.

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poetry, articles, thoughts, and quotes... on a quest to be authentic in my motherhood, sisterhood, and daughterhood, but i can tend to become Juvenalian sometimes, maybe in writing but also in life, reading Swift's "A Modest Proposal" as if i were hearing a friend speak to me about the how ridiculous some ideas can become, especially when they begin to drift into reality, mocking all of us really... i identify with Mary Magdalene, James, and Peter and am extremely grateful for that woman who said, "Yes!"...oh and i can be pretty lame...blessings to you, dear reader...pray for a single mother, her children, and the father of her children today!
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8 Responses to Is There A Lot Happening, or What? (article links)

  1. terry1954 says:

    I can have my choice of reading today, and will need time to go through them, so I am going to click like now, so i don’t over look you. these look like great articles to read. thank you for sharing these with me

  2. Jason Knight says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog. In answer to your question, the author never specifically mentions the Catholic church and female priests, but I do believe that he would support that based on what he wrote. His basic premise is that any differentiation between men and women in the roles they play in ministry is due to the fall of humanity. So I would think he would apply that to the Catholic church too.

  3. linneann says:

    I’d say there’s a lot going on. Great information and links. Thanks.

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